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Sunday, November 13, 2016


Doctoral Colloquium


Monday, November 14, 2016

8:30 -  Welcome breakfast

9:00 - Conference welcome
Stephan Lukosch, Aleksandra Sarcevic

9:15 – Keynote Symposium
The opening Keynote of GROUP 2016 is a Symposium of people who work on systems. We chose the word "symposium" because we envision diverse perspectives, short position statements and discussion, but very little of the debate or competition of a panel. The aim is to reflect the diversity and the breadth of perspectives in the GROUP community. We will think together about the current state of the art and science in systems work, and the future of systems work.

Of course, there is no single endeavor called "systems," and there is no single genre for a "systems paper." (The same kind of statement can be made about quantitative work, qualitative work, theory work…) We hope that the Symposium will help all of us – "systems people" and others – to consider the different contributions that systems work has made to GROUP, and the possible future contributions. Moreover, we may find new ways in which our various research streams can interact, and inform one another.

The participants of the Symposium will present their position statement on five topics: Why do we build systems? What is the starting point for the systems work? What is the ending point? What does the reader get from a systems paper?

Carl Gutwin, University of Saskatchewan, Canada.
Kori Inkpen, Microsoft Research, USA.
Stephan Lukosch, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.
Anne Weibert, University of Siegen, Germany.

10:45 – Morning break

11:15 - Describing Interactions

Machine Learning and Grounded Theory Method: Convergence, Divergence, and Combination
Michael Muller, Shion Guha, Eric Baumer, David Mimno, N Sadat Shami
Beyond the Individual: The Dynamic Features of Distributed Affect
Taylor Jackson Scott, Daniel Perry, Alison Williams, Cecilia Aragon
Chess as a Conversation: Artefact-Based Communication in Online Competitive Board Games
Gregor McEwan, Carl Gutwin
Habits of the Heart(rate): Social Interpretation of Biosignals in Two Interaction Contexts
Nick Merrill, Coye Cheshire

12:30 - Lunch

14:00 - Editing Systems

Near Real-Time Peer-to-Peer Shared Editing on Extensible Data Types
Petru Nicolaescu, Kevin Jahns, Michael Derntl, Ralf Klamma
High Responsiveness for Group Editing CRDTs
Loïck Briot, Pascal Urso, Marc Shapiro
Operational Transformation for Real-time Synchronization of Shared Workspace in Cloud Storage
Agustina Ng, Chengzheng Sun
15:00 - Socio-Technical Design

Designing for Inclusion: Supporting Gender Diversity in Independent Innovation Teams
Julie Hui, Shelly Farnham
Curating an Infinite Basement: Understanding How People Manage Collections of Sentimental Artifacts
Jasmine Jones, Mark Ackerman
Help Me Help You: Shared Reflection for Personal Data
Lisa Graham, Anthony Tang, Carman Neustaedter

16:00 - Afternoon break

16:30 - Social Networks in Industry

Raising your Eminence inside the Enterprise Social Network
Shiri Kremer-Davidson, Inbal Ronen, Lior Leiba, Avi Kaplan, Maya Barnea
Exploring Trust and Cooperation Development with Agent-Based Simulation in A Pseudo Scale-free Network
Yi Wang, David Redmiles
Influences of Peers, Friends, and Managers on Employee Engagement
Michael Muller, Sadat Shami, Shion Guha, Mikhil Masli, Werner Geyer, Alan Wild
17:20-17:30 - Introducing Posters and Working Papers  

18:00-20:00 - Poster Reception


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

09:00 - Local Communities

Lifecycles of Computer Clubs: Rhythms and Patterns of Collaboration and Learning in an Intercultural Setting
Anne Weibert, Mary-Ann Sprenger, Dave Randall, Volker Wulf
Popup Networks: Creating Decentralized Social Media on Top of Commodity Wireless Routers
Chaya Hiruncharoenvate, Wesley Smith, W. Keith Edwards, Eric Gilbert
09:40 - Volunteering

Improvising Harmony: Opportunities for Technologies to Support Crowd Orchestration
Q. Vera Liao, Victoria Bellotti, Michael Youngblood
 "Guess what! You're the First to See this Event": Increasing Contribution to Online Production Communities
Corey Jackson, Kevin Crowston, Gabriel Mugar, Carsten Østerlund
Motivating Invisible Contributions: Framing Volunteer Classification Design in a Fanfiction Repository
Julia Bullard

10:40 – Morning break

11:10 - Adoption, Appropriation, Domestication

Barriers to Using, Customizing, and Printing 3D Designs on Thingiverse
Celena Alcock, Nathaniel Hudson, Parmit Chilana
Building Mood, Building Community: Usage Patterns of an Interactive Art Installationn
Leah Scolere, Eric Baumer, Lindsay Reynolds, Geri Gay
"Hey, I know what this is!": Cultural Affinities and Early Stage Appropriation of the Emerging Bitcoin Technology
Yong Ming Kow, Xianghua Ding
"It is Not Because You Have Tools that You Must use Them": The Difficult Domestication of a Telemedicine Toolkit to Manage Emergencies in Nursing Homes
Gérald Gaglio, Myriam Lewkowicz, Matthieu Tixier
12:30 - Lunch

14:00 - Mobile Computing Practices

Caring About Sharing: Couples' Practices in Single User Device Access
Maia Jacobs, Henriette Cramer, Louise Barkhuus
The Impact of Spatial Properties on Collaboration: An Exploratory Study in the Automotive Domain
Alina Krischkowsky, Sandra Trösterer, Ulrike Bruckenberger, Bernhard Maurer, Katja Neureiter, Nicole Perterer, Axel Baumgartner, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Manfred Tscheligi
Communication, Coordination and Awareness around Continuous Location Sharing
Emily Schildt, Martin Leinfors, Louise Barkhuus
15:00 - Supporting Real-Time Interaction

Handheld Augmented Reality for Distributed Collaborative Crime Scene Investigation
Dragos Datcu, Stephan Lukosch, Heide Lukosch
The Emergence of High-Speed Interaction and Coordination in a (Formerly) Turn-based Groupware Game
Mutasem Barjawi, Carl Gutwin, David Pinelle
SocialStreamViewer: Guiding the Viewer Experience of Multiple Streams of an Event
Ahmed Mostafa, Kori Inkpen, John Tang, Gina Venolia, William Hamilton
15:50 - Afternoon break

16:20-17:20 – Townhall meeting

18:30-20:00 – Conference banquet


Wednesday, 16 November 2016

09:30 - Work Settings

Formalization and Accountability in Surgery Planning
Bente Christensen
Exploring Computer-Supported Professional Development for Novice Museum and Zoo Professionals
Priscilla Jimenez Pazmino, Leilah Lyons, Brian Slattery, Benjamin Hunt
Demo or Die: Narrative Construction as Articulation Work for Promoting Early Stage Digital Innovations
Aditya Johri
On Being Actionable: Mythologies of Business Intelligence and Disconnects in Drill Downs
Nitya Verma, Amy Voida

10:50 – Morning break

11:20 - Design Fictions

The IKEA Catalogue: Design Fiction in Academic and Industrial Collaborations
Barry Brown
The Co-ordinates of Design Fiction: Extrapolation, Irony, Ambiguity and Magic
Mark Blythe, Enrique Encinas
Incorporation of Generational Learning in Familiar Interfaces and Systems: A Design Fiction
Sarah Grace Fields
Reading Elinor Ostrom In Silicon Valley: Exploring Institutional Diversity on the Internet
M. Six Silberman

12:30 - Lunch

14:00 - Social Media

Characterizations of Online Harassment: Comparing Policies Across Social Media Platforms
Jessica Pater, Moon Kim, Elizabeth Mynatt, Casey Fiesler
The Strength of Awkward Ties: Online Interactions between High School Students and Adults
Andrea Forte, Denise Agosto, Michael Dickard, Rachel Magee
The Coaches Said...What?: Analysis of Online Dating Strategies Recommended by Dating Coaches
Doug Zytko, Sukeshini Grandhi, Quentin (gad) Jones
Designing an Application for Social Media Needs in Emergency Public Information Work
Amanda Hughes, Rohan Shah

15:10 – JCSCW papers

On intertext in chemotherapy: An Ethnography of Text in Medical Practice
Lars Rune Christensen

Sketching Awareness: A Participatory Study to Elicit Designs for Supporting Ad Hoc Emergency Medical Teamwork
Diana Kusunoki, Aleksandra Sarcevic, Zhan Zhang, Maria Yala

16:30 – Closing