Designing and Building a Space for Innovative Scholarly Practices to Enhance Open Online Community Scholarship

Organizers: Open Collaboration Data Factories
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Open online communities play important roles in a wide variety of areas including, but not limited to, software development, knowledge management, education, health, and scientific discovery. Finding ways to bring scholars together to discuss diverse interests and abilities promotes dataset curation and fosters coherent disciplinary understandings of scholarship needs. This workshop will be built on an infrastructure and toolset that enables the sharing of electronic trace data from a wide range of systems, including open online community systems, in such a way that the content, structure and associated analysis tooling for each dataset is explicitly noted in an instance of the OCDX manifest. To enable this process, workshop participants will help to build additional tools on top of and in concert with the OCDX Manifest Engine that includes support for the generation, management, and consumption of OCDX metadata standard derived manifests.

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Engaging with Users and Stakeholders: The Emotional and the Personal

Organizers: Co-facilitatied by: Foad Hamidi Melanie Baljko Claudia Mueller Marén Schorch, Myriam Lewkowicz, Abigale Stangl
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As HCI and CSCW researchers and practitioners, we are increasingly working in complex social and political contexts where our research activities involve emotional labor and where we have to confront moral and emotional dilemmas. Given the potential impact of these challenging situations on our wellbeing and professional performance, there is much need for a discourse on affective impact of research on the researcher and strategies on how this aspect of research can be shared with the community.

In this workshop, we invite discussion and reflection on the experiences of distress and the role of informal coping mechanisms (e.g., personal narratives) to address them. We will create a forum for discussion concerning the issue of affective impact on the researcher who, in the context of HCI or CSCW user-centered design or research, develop close empathic and trusting relationships with stakeholders in such settings; engagements that often entail emotional labor, which, in turn, may generate distress.

This workshop is intended to complement the existing body of work and to provide new directions of inquiry and new modes of engagement with its topic area. In particular, this workshop will create an explicit space for the personal narrative.

Computer Mediated Intimacy Workshop

Organizers: Doug Zytko and Guo Freeman
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This workshop has been cancelled

GROUP 2016 ETHICS WORKSHOP - Ethics and Obligations for Studying Digital Communities

Organizers: Casey Fiesler, Pamela Wisniewski, Jessica Pater, Nazanin Andalibi
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Many of the most prominent and unanswered ethical questions within HCI and social computing involve our ethical obligation to the communities that we study. Some of these questions fall under the purview of more traditional human subjects research ethics, but others hinge on when, for example, studies of public data trigger similar obligations. Basic rules to “do no harm” are complicated in digital communities by issues of consent and privacy, and ethics review boards are struggling to keep up even as research communities are similarly struggling to form appropriate norms. The goals of this workshop are to continue seeding conversations about research ethics within the SIGCHI community, to work towards norm setting, and in the meantime, to collectively help community members make good ethical decisions about research into sociotechnical systems and digital communities.

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