Group 2020 Keynote: Lora Aroyo

Keynote bio
Lora Aroyo is a Full Professor of Computer Science, currently a visiting faculty at Google, NY. She is best known for her work on CrowdTruth crowdsourcing methodology. Throughout her career, Lora was a principal investigator of a large number of research projects bringing together methods and tools from human computation, linked (open) data, data science & human-computer interaction with the goal of building hybrid human-AI systems for understanding text, images, and videos with humans-in-the-loop. Her research projects focussing on personalized access to online multimedia have a major impact and established her as a recognized leader in human computation techniques for digital humanities, cultural heritage, and interactive TV. She is a four times holder of IBM Faculty Award for her work on CrowdTruth used in adapting the IBM Watson system to the medical domain and in capturing ambiguity in understanding misinformation. She is president of the User Modeling Society, Chief Scientist at NY-based startup Tagasauris.

"Video Killed the Radio Star": From MTV to Snapchat

The shift from primetime to all-the-time video consumption made video is the most engaging and fast growing content on the Web - the majority of consumer Internet traffic is now dedicated to video (with mobile accounting for 60% of digital time globally). And while people are still superior to machines in terms of content understanding, the dimensions of volume, variety and velocity of video online, make it no longer a human-scale problem. The only way to address this challenge is with a machine-human symbiosis. In this talk I will discuss work on the future of video discovery and storytelling by transforming video with a cutting-edge technology for semantic enrichment and summarization. I will show how the CrowdTruth crowdsourcing framework facilitates data collection, processing and analytics of human computation knowledge. Processing real-world data with the crowd leaves one thing absolutely clear - there is no single notion of truth, but rather a spectrum that has to account for context, opinions, perspectives and shades of grey. CrowdTruth is a new framework for processing of human semantics drawn more from the notion of consensus then from set theory.
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