GROUP '20- Proceedings of the 2020 ACM Conference on Supporting Groupwork Publications

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First Wave papers

Away and (Dis)connection: Reconsidering the use of digital technologies in light of long-term outdoor activities

When Delayed in a Hurry: Interpretations of Response Delays in Time-Sensitive Instant Messaging

Do I stay or Do I go? An exploration of reasons for social media non-use and reversion

Designing a Social Matching System to Connect Academic Researchers with Local Community Collaborators

Understanding Decision-Making in Recruitment: Opportunities and Challenges for Information Technology

Into Scandinavia: When online Fatherhood Reflects Societal Infrastructures

"I simply watched where she was looking": Coordination in short-term synchronous Cooperative Mixed Reality

Jam Today, Jam Tomorrow: Learning in Online Game Jams

Part-Time Ride-Sharing: Recognizing the Context in which Drivers Ride-Share and its Impact on Platform Use

Gestures as Intrinsic Creativity Support: Understanding the Usage and Function of Hand Gestures in Computer-Mediated Group Brainstorming

Creativity, Copyright, and Close-Knit Communities: A Case Study of Social Norm Formation and Enforcement

Assembling the Case: Citizens' Strategies for Exercise of Authority and Personal Autonomy in Social Welfare

"Mothers as Candy Wrappers": Understanding mothers' use of social-media groups for self-organizing social support

Issues and Experiences in Building Heterogeneous Co-Editing Systems

Digital Participation in Prison: A Public Discourse Analysis on the Use of ICT by Inmates

Effects of Anonymity, Ephemerality, and System Routing on Cost in Social Question Asking

How Data Scientists Work Together with Domain Experts in Scientific Collaborations: To Find the Right Answer or To Ask the Right Question?

Altruism and Wellbeing as Values in a Craft-based Maker Culture

Second Wave papers

Eco-InfoVis at Work: Role-based Eco-Visualizations for the Industrial Context

An Internet-less World? Expected impacts of a complete Internet outage with implications for preparedness and design

"Pro-Amateur" Driven Technological Innovation: Participation and Collaboration in Indie Game Development

Personal Data and Power Asymmetries in Collegiate Sports Teams

Real Differences between OT and CRDT under a General Transformation Framework for Consistency Maintenance in Co-Editors

In Their Shoes: A Structured Analysis of Job Demands, Resources, Work Experiences, and Platform Commitment of Crowdworkers in China

"I just shared your responses": Extending Communication Privacy Management Theory to Interactions with Conversational Agents

More Than a Click: Exploring Decision-Making Processes in Online News Sharing

Remote Communication in Wilderness Search and Rescue: Implications for the Design of Emergency Distributed-Collaboration Tools for Network-Sparse Environments

"Who Knows What": Audience Targeting for Question Asking on Facebook

Measuring the Diversity of Facebook Reactions to Research

Investigating Paradigms of Shared Overviews in Multiple Display Environments

On Moderating Software Crowdsourcing Challenges

Understanding the Challenges for Bangladeshi Women to Participate in #MeToo Movement

"We want to push the industry via communication": Designing communication measures to foster gender diversity in a video game company

Through the Looking Glass: Study of Transparency in Reddit's Moderation Practices

Poster Session

When Social Norms Fail

The Trust-Building Process in the Social Media Environment of Rumour Spreading

Enhancing Smart Home Security using Co-Monitoring of IoT Devices

Measuring Collaborative Problem Solving Capability in Creative Problem Solving Situation

A Circle of Friends: Persuasive Tools to Improve Heart Health


Veterans, PTSD and Social Media: Towards Identifying Trauma Text Categories using Grounded Theory

Child Welfare System: Interaction of Policy, Practice and Algorithms

Children’s Perspectives on Human Sex Trafficking Prevention Education

Extending CoNavigator into a Collaborative Digital Space

Privacy Norms within the Internet of Things Using Contextual Integrity

POST: A Machine Learning Based Paper Organization and Scheduling Tool

CampusPartner: An Assistive Technology for Mobility Impaired Pedestrians

Towards the Automatic Assessment of Student Teamwork