GROUP 2022/23 Committee

General Chairs

Casey Fiesler, University of Colorado, Boulder
Fabiano Pinatti, University of Oslo

Paper Co-Chairs

Jessica A. Pater, Parkview Research Center (Third Wave)
Raquel Oliveira Prates, Federal University of Minas Gerais (Third Wave)

Eric P. S. Baumer, Lehigh University (First & Second Wave)
Naja Holten Møller, University of Copenhagen (First & Second Wave)
Cleidson de Souza, Federal University of Pará (First & Second Wave)

Posters Co-Chairs

Shion Guha, University of Toronto
Matthieu Tixier, Technical University of Troyes

Workshops Co-Chairs

Sukeshini Grandhi, Eastern Connecticut University
Scott McCrickard, Virginia Tech

Doctoral Consortium Co-Chairs

Myriam Lewkowicz, Troyes University of Technology
Bryan Semaan, University of Colorado Boulder

Proceedings Co-Chairs

Juliana França, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Maria Menendez-Blanco, Free University of Bolzano
Marina Kogan, University of Utah (Third Wave)

Publicity Co-Chairs

Jessica Pater, Parkview Health
Leticia Machado, Federal University of Pará


Isa Jahnke, University of Missouri
Claudia Müller, University of Siegen

Awards Co-Chairs

Susan Fussell, Cornell University
Claus Bossen, Aarhus University

Web Co-Chairs

Lindah Kotut, University of Washington
David Struzek, University of Siegen

Community Co-Chairs

Eunjeong Cheon, Aalborg University
Doug Zytko, Oakland University

Sustainability Co-Chairs

Asbjørn Ammitzbøll-Flügge, University of Copenhagen
Florian Cech, Vienna University of Technology

Treasurer Co-Chairs

Sean Goggins, University of Missouri

Student Volunteer Co-Chairs

Brianna Dym, University of Colorado Boulder
Tanja Ertl, University of Siegen
Konstantin Aal, University of Siegen


Michael Muller, IBM Research